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Lazy Camper S'mores

Image Source: PaintedConfetti.com


If you're the type that hates waiting for and cooking your perfect roasted marshmallow treat, try this hack!


FIRST: You can use a metal pie tin or make a foil pack to place next to the fire (not on, or it may burn!)


You Need:

*Pie Tin OR foil

*mini chocolate morsels

*mini marshmallows

*sugar ice cream cone


SECOND: Load up the ice cream cone with your toppings and wrap in foil or place in tin. It is a one handed treat...yummo!


Feeding a crowd??

*Golden Grahams Cereal

*mini chocolate morsels

*mini marshmallows


Place all in a pie tin and cover with foil, leave by the fire, check after leaving a few minutes to cook until it is perfect


...enjoy using spoons and forks.

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