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It's time for 'da bears!

We're sure you've seen the pictures floating around of a Mom and her young hanging out around the lake, maybe strolling through your campsite, rummaging through the dumpster? You probably thought it was cute, right? You stopped a few feet away, took a picture, maybe showed your human young and pointed? Why are they out and about now, and we haven't really seen them this summer? The answer: Hyperphagia



Hyperphagia is the 4th stage in the annual cycle of Bear Activity according to the North American Bear Center. This is where bears find as much food as they can and eat in excess to prepare for the upcoming season. On the East Coast, this stage is much longer than the west due to the amount of available food sources for bear throughout the winter, sometimes causing them to not even hibernate at all.


You will also notice the bears at the lake more. Why is this?

During Hyperphagia, bears drink in excess as well to rid themselves of nitrogenous body waste. Yup, just like the fitness gurus of Instagram tell you. You can expect this all the way up until Hibernation, as even when the bears start to eat less, become more lethargic, and sleep up to 22 hours a day, they do so by a water source to efficiently use the time they spend awake drinking more water.


5 Stages of Bear Activity: What to do if you encounter a bear?

1.  hibernation Speak calmly and back away slowly. Black bear attacks are

  2.  walking hibernation EXTREMELY rare. Blustering is when a bear approaches

  3.  normal activity you in fear, usually clicking it's teeth and making it's snout

  4.  hyperphagia long. Again, just back away slowly. Another is the pounce, 5.  fall transition and blow (we know what you're thinking blondie). This is

also just a way of showing the bear is scared.

Rules to Live By:

  1. Never, ever, leave your make-up, deodorant, plants, toothpaste, perfume or any other toiletries in your tent!

  2. Never leave any snacks, gum, mints, soda, seltzer, anything in your tent

  3. Put your Cooler in your car when you go to sleep, right after you put your fire out

  4. LOCK YOUR CAR! Bears can and will open your car door and go through your vehicle, stop them!


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