Rules and restrictions

Reservation Guidelines

    • This includes: Large organizations, wedding parties, scouts, greek life
    • This does NOT INCLUDE: RV Clubs, large FAMILIES​
  • Site Capacity
    • Pricing: 2 Adults (16+), 2 Kids (15-)​
      • no more than 2 extra kids and 2 extra adults can be added on
      • Parties with more than 8 people will need an additional campsite
      • ONE regular tent per site​
        • if you have children, you may have one additional 'kid's' tent on the site
        • 2 couples, 1 site ≠ 2 tents, (2 couples, 1 site = 1 tent, 2 couples, 2 sites = 2 tents)
      • Day visitors who have checked-in at the office do not count towards capacity
  • Vehicles
    • All vehicles MUST be registered at the office. We reserve the right to tow.
      • Speed Limit - 5 MPH
      • The use of any motorized vehicle not registered and insured on property is prohibited
      • If you have concerns about your vehicle, talk to Liz, we may have alternate options for larger and extra vehicles.


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