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Campground Pot Luck Ideas

It's that time of the year, the campground potlucks have started and you need to be sure to stay in the running for America's Next Top Camp Chef. Here are a few ideas from us here at Lehigh Gorge Campground in the Poconos to get you ready for the camping season.

Feel free to comment below with your favorites or something not on the list and we’ll add it!

Entrees - Beef

Meatballs - BBQ - Sweet & Sour - Swedish - Italian (bring bread and mozzarella cheese for meatball hoagies) Chili Hot Dogs Taco Meat (brings fixings as a side or Frito bags for walking tacos) Meatloaf (Mashed potatoes or roasted veggies as a side) Halupki

Entrees - Chicken

Entrees - Pork

Entrees - Fish

Entrees - Veggie

Side Dishes

Dessert Options

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