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The Sweetest S'mores Recipes

While we all love the taste of milk chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers as if they were meant to be, there are a few other ways we here at Lehigh Gorge love to do up our s'mores for a little something different, because face it, camping isn't camping without s'mores.

The Peanut Butter Classic - The Dennis

This is a super easy smores' variation favorited by the Peanut Butter lover himself, Dennis Berger. He'll be the first one to justify that a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is the perfect alternative for a piece of chocolate. If you really wanna mix it up, use a DARK Peanut Butter Cup. Also a great choice if your trying to camp on a diet.

The Baconator - The Devin

How does salted caramel, milk chocolate, and bacon in between your crackers sound? This one is a go-to if you want to make Devin smile. To make it easy, just buy some Ghirardelli Salted Caramel Chocolate Squares and pre-cook a few slices of bacon (a little goes a long way here, but do it up and pig out if you want, your camping!).

The Triple Decker - The Liz

We all know that when it comes to sitting around a campfire, no one does it better than Liz. To make matters worse, she is also the known queen of organization and efficiency. That being said, we bring you the Triple Decker, for those that can't wait long enough to roast a whole-nother marshmallow for a second s'more. Also great to give kids who can't yet make their own s'mores, as it will keep them eating for longer and you roasting less. Just remember, added layers of chocolate and marshmallow equals added sugar before bedtime.

The 'I Tried" - The Mary

This one's for those of us like Mary who give every try we have to be healthy, but let's face it, we only live once so let's indulge and live life to the fullest, Marotta style. Simply slice some strawberries and bananas, and grab some dark chocolate (the higher the percentage of Cacao, the less sugar!) and let the staking begin. For this one, you can even consider getting whole grain graham crackers, or substitute graham crackers for pretzels. Don't forget the low-fat marshmallows!

Bring it On Itali-on - The John

This very last is the most unique, which is the Italian Caprese Style s'more. This involves absolutely no fire AND is healthy, so a great choice for the kids who aren't allowed seconds of their sugary treats. Simply grab some basil, cherry tomatoes, and small balls of Mozzarella Cheese. Drizzle on a bit of balsamic vinegar and put on a wheat cracker instead of a graham cracker! There you have it, the Caprese S'more. I'll take one!


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